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Die Wahrheit ist ein Seinszustand

Autor: Henning Matthaei @ Mastodon


Thema: Liebe

Auf der Webseite wird der Nachlass des großen indischen Philosophen Jiddu Krishnamurti verwaltet. Dort kann man auch einen Newsletter bestellen, der jeden Tag ein neues Zitat aus Krishnamurtis Schriften liefert.

Hier ist das heutige Zitat:

Truth is a state of being So, there is no path to truth, and there are not two truths. Truth is not of the past or of the present, it is timeless; and the man who quotes the truth of the Buddha, of Shankara, of the Christ, or who merely repeats what I am saying, will not find truth, because repetition is not truth. Repetition is a lie. Truth is a state of being which arises when the mind - which seeks to divide, to be exclusive, which can think only in terms of results, of achievement - has come to an end. Only then will there be truth. The mind that is making effort, disciplining itself in order to achieve an end, cannot know truth, because the end is its own projection, and the pursuit of that projection, however noble, is a form of self-worship. Such a being is worshipping himself, and therefore he cannot know truth. Truth is to be known only when we understand the whole process of the mind, that is, when there is no strife.

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